Cloth Diapering Does Not = Prefolds and Rubber Pants

When we first started on this journey, it wasn’t because we wanted to. It wasn’t because of the “green” factor (although that appealed, too!). And it definately wasn’t because we knew what we were doing. It was because Buggie kept a horrid, blistery, bleeding rash on her bum and no amount of Zinc Oxide, Essential Oils, or Rx’s could help. So alas, we decided to brave the cloth world, and took a leap of faith. It was almost like climbing to the top of the roller coaster, when you’re terrified. Then the drop came, and it was exhilirating. We were addicted. We loved it. We went back for more. More than anything, Buggie and her little booty loved it, too. At first we couldn’t afford the amount of cloth diapers needed to do it full time. So she stayed in disposables (Sposies, to us CDing mamas) while in daycare and was in cloth at home. Soon enough, we had enough. We had a sit-down w/ Bug’s daycare director, and she agreed wholeheartedly to accept our idea, that no doubt, most think is very old fashioned.  Buggie wore BumGenius 3.0 Pocket Diapers.

bumgenius They look like this and come in many colors. They close w/ velcro and are much like a Sposie.

We would soon figure out, Buggie was also allergic to “Suedecloth” the Stay-Dry inner material in these diapers. Back came the rash. Now we’re on a mission to find something to keep her bum clear and smooth. Hence, the name of our blog, “Our Journey To A Fluffy Bum.”


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