Trying Something New

       I never, and I do mean never wanted to use diapers that required a cover. I wanted to use Pockets or AIOs/AI2s. Pockets you just stuff with an insert through an opening in the back. AIOs are all built in together, and AI2s have the inserts that snap in, to decrease the time they spend in the dryer.

        We all know, however, you don’t always get what you want. Buggie’s bum is just so sensitive to materials that don’t “breathe” and the only AIOs that I can find to contain my little hydrant are BumGenius Organics, which cost an astounding 24.95. EACH. I cannot afford 36 of those. So alas, I came to the conclusion that I would just have to suck it up, and deal with having more steps in our diapering routine. My trusty, much more experienced mamas, over at recommended Piddle Poddle Fitteds, or Goodmama Fitteds. Fitteds look just like most other cloth diapers (but come in wallet busting prints, I just cannot resist) but they aren’t waterproof, so they require a cover. We are experimenting with our favorite covers, but a this point a size Medium Thirsties are the only ones she hasn’t leaked from. Swaddlebees work great for daytime, though. I really want some wool, which lets her really breathe, but I can’t afford it right now. Maybe I’ll buy her some for my birthday! =x


         We have been having another problem, lately, though. These fitteds, while keeping her bum clear, just don’t contain her Niagara Falls tendencies all night long. So I was off again. To find another solution for my precious girl, and once again turned to the wonderful mamas that make up the “Diaper Chatter Q&A” forum over at Diaper Swappers. I was told to use a Goodmama or Piddle Poddle, but to place a Microfiber/Hemp combo between the diaper and the cover. I didn’t even think about putting some micro between the cover and diaper! (For those that don’t know, micro against baby’s bottom will cause you a nasty rash, it just isn’t bottom friendly) So we’re trying it tonight. I finally ran out of sposies and I will be darned it I am buying more. Nope, no more yucky paper diapers for us!

*I’ll let everyone know how it goes, tomorrow!* I’m keeping my fingers crossed we wake with dry sheets.


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