How to tell the husband?

Ok. So everyone knows this Mama is highly addicted to cloth. I live, breathe, and CRY cloth diapers. Lately however, they haven’t been getting much love. I don’t really have enough diapers for daycare w/out washing everyday. Her daycare is Snap-Stupid, by the way, so I can’t send all of our 20.00 a pop diapers! Why, oh Lord, why, do I have these sweet masses of cloth heaven if I can barely use them? Because they’re pretty. And that’s fine, for a mama with money. I, however, am not that mama.

We’ve been reviewing a cloth diaper called Kawaii off of EBay over at Diaper Swappers. It’s basically a BumGenius knock-off, but it has super great reviews. Better yet, I can get 10 diapers w/ 20 inserts for a mere 50.00. I can get 2 of my fluff heaven diapers for 50.00 and that’s not including shipping. So tonight I’m going to try to convice the husband to let me revamp our stash for the *hopefully* last time.

I will always keep and few goodmamas and prefolds, though!

Luck again!


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