Hi World! My name is Brittany, and I am a happily married, young mother of 3 beautiful little girls. A-9/21/04, J-11/5/06, and E-5/21/08. We are what some people call a “crunchy” family, meaning we are those weird, go green, all-natural-is-best enthusiasts. We choose to wear our babies, not carry them in an infant carrier. We choose to breastfeed, until the mother or child becomes uncomfortable or disinterested- not until a certain age. We choose to use all natural products as much as finances and the market allows. I support buying locally grown, pesticide-free produce, and meat from free range, Organic animals. We also choose to cloth diaper our littlest girl, E, and this blog is all about our journey through that process for medical, allergy, and personal reasons. We understand every family does what is best for them, but this is just how we do it.


*Note* Our girlies have nicknames, A=Princess Pie, J=Monkey Butt, E=Buggie. You might see them referred to this way!


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